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1. Yesterday afternoon, Wangzhengwei, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Party Committee Standing Committee and vice chairman of the autonomous region, met with Harm Oltmann Oltmann, chairman of Gik, and his party in Yinchuan.

2. On the evening of April 9th, 2005, Dengli, Deputy Director of Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, met with Harm Oltmann, chairman of GIK, and his party coming to Shaanxi province for 9th China Eastern & Western Cooperation & Investment Trade talks.

Primarily, Deng extended warmest welcome to German distinguished guests, expressing his congratulations on the singing of an investment contract involving nearly 900 million Yuan at the talks. Deng stated that Shaanxi plays a vanguard role in the development of the Western region, and the economic & social development is flourishing at a galloping speed. He cherished the hope that two parties could further to broaden the cooperative field on the basis of this collaboration, fulfilling mutual benefit and interest. Simultaneously, Deng hoped that all the German guests would pass what they had seen in Shaanxi province and the friendship they had experience on to German people and German enterprises so as to attract more and more German enterprises to invest in Shaanxi province.

3. On Feb 28th, 2006, Harm Oltmann, chairman of GIK, along with his party, came to make an investigation into Jinhua Vocational Technical College, warmly entertained by Dushilu, the Secretary of Party and President of college.
Firstly, Du introduced to Harm Oltmann and his party the general condition of the college and the “ five in one “ special schooling mode. Harm Oltmann spoke highly of this schooling mode, believing that there is exceedingly large room for the cooperation between Berlin International Economic College and Jinhua Vocational Technical College. Furthermore, in terms of specific items of cooperation, two parties reached initial agreement on the basis of friendly consultation. Collaborating with biological engineering school, mechanical school and economic & trade school, Berlin International Economic College or BIEC plans to cultivate professional technical talents in environmental protection, automobile servicing & digital technology and international trade etc. In the mean time, BIEC would render to our college long and short-term German language training programmes.

4. On the morning of June 5th, 2006, Harm Oltmann, chairman of GIK, together with another three, accompanied by cadres of Autonomous Merchants Administration, Regional Nationalities Affairs Commission, paid a visit to Ningxia Baota Petrochemical Corporation talking over the investment programme. Xuyongxiang. Baota group executive vice president, coupled with Mr. Hou Quanji, quantifiable technological transformation chief commander and other officials, briefed guests on the profile of the group, merchants program of Yinchuan University, 600,000 tons of coal-methanol project and 40 million tons of dimethyl ether project etc. Harm Oltmann communicated with others in fluent Chinese, getting to know the financial standing of Baota group, Quantifiable environmental projects, Coal, coal chemical project-technical progress and mature processes in detail. Moreover, Harm Oltmann suggested obtaining relevant materials, and would strive to fully exert GiK’s influence in order to introduce more German giant enterprises to Baota Group, enhance mutual understanding and jointly promote the development of the two countries. We are tremendously honored to have the attendance of Mr. Yu Deyun, Baota group deputy head of the Leading Group for the planning and construction and secretary general; Mr. Wang Zhengcui, general engineer; Mr. Lin Tongming, manager of International Trade Dept. of Canadian AABD International Investment & consultation Corporation; Mr. Liu Gen, Manager of International Trade Dept. of Shanghai Boguo Property Corporation; etc.

5. Zibo technical college/Sino-German Zibo Higher Technical College,
Details of the enrollment of German intensive course:
Sino-German Zibo Higher Technical College was mutually funded and established by Zibo Technical College and Berlin International Economic College. Zibo Technical College, a full-time higher vocational & technical college, ratified by state labor & social security ministry and Shandong People’s Government, was formed on the basis of Zibo advanced technical school, which is endowed with the authority to grant vocational & technical credentials of associate degree and conduct the national vocational qualification training & appraisal at intermediate, advanced and technical level.
Berlin International Economic College, a German college, is authorized to grant degree certificates and render the training for German IHK certificate.
Sino-German Zibo Higher Technical College, now, launch preliminary and intermediate German course, each class equipped with one professional foreign teacher from Germany. After finishing the learning-hour, all the learners will be granted pertinent certificates, and meet the requirements of German learning hour for applying for visa.
After attaining the visa, learners might attend the language school of BIEC, established in Berlin or Ketebusi, acquiring German for 9 months. Once passing the examination, they could not only choose to apply for German universities, higher colleges or vocational colleges, but also study the 18-month economic & management course in BIEC so as to acquire the IHK certificate. Thereafter, all the graduates will be endowed with the qualification to work in German enterprises via the recommendation of German Industrial & Commercial Association.
Teaching method: Super learning
Super learning, a special kind of foreign language training method is widespread in the field of German language training for European foreign ministers. German and English both belong to Indo. Thus, Proficiency in English means half done in learning German.
Preliminary German Course
Targets: German lovers, high school graduates or present university students. Learning hour: 308 h; Tuition: 2900 Yuan.
Visa service fee: 5000 Yuan
Teaching Time: From Monday to Friday (8 h per day) and Saturday (4 h), 44 h a week
Teaching materials: Themen Aktuell 1-2; Credential: preliminary certificate
Intermediate German Course
Targets: Those who finished the preliminary course and passed the examination; Learning hour: 308 h; Tuition: 3600 Yuan;
Visa Service fee: 5000 Yuan
Teaching Time: From Monday to Friday (8 h per day) and Saturday (4 h), 44 h a week
Teaching materials: Themen Aktuell 3; Credential: Intermediate certificate
P.S. Tuition fee involves application fee, teaching materials, books for students, tapes, exercise books, listening & speaking exercise books and reading exercise books etc.
Teachers: We boast a host of professional experienced teachers of German origin, such as Herr Oltmann
Application address: Zibo Technical College, Sino-German Zibo Higher Technical College
Former school address: No 257, Yanbei RD, Boshan district, Zibo municipality; Tel: 0533-4230729 0533-7915700
North school address: No 65, Lutai avenue (to the west of Liuquan RD); Tel: 0533-3587837 0533-6217528
Web site:

6. Yesterday morning, 7th of April 2005, Mr. Gao Zhongyin, vice mayor of Xian municipality, talked with Harm Oltmann, chairman of GIK, over the investment in such programs as Longtan Reservoir water works at Xian Xiaozai hotel.
During the meeting, Gao made a brief introduction of the geographic advantage, investment environment and favorable policy etc to Harm Oltmann and his party, then inviting Harm Oltmann and his party to make an on-the-spot investigation in Tongchuan for mutual benefit and mutual interest.
Harm Oltmann, chairman of GIK, has facilitated a sea of cooperation & communications between Shaanxi province and Germany, and had investigated the investment environment of Tongchuan in the past. Demonstrating huge interest in the programs, such as Longtan Reservoir water works and Tongchuan technical vocational college etc, he claimed that, due to the enthusiasm and sincerity expressed by the officials of Tongchuan, he would go all out to facilitate one of these programmes with success.
Mr. Zhou Zijing, undersecretary of municipal government, along with other officials of municipal foreign economic & trade department, municipal merchants department, municipal education department and municipal water department etc attended the talks.

7. On the morning of Nov. 2nd, 2005, Mr. Wang Zhengyou, municipal secretary of Huangshi, met with parts of Chinese and foreign business guests coming to attend the Huangshi Yangtze Delta Economic & Trade Talks in Kunshan. Meanwhile, two parties, in terms of enhancing economic & trade cooperation, carried out dialogue in a comprehensive and candid manner.
At 9h, Mr. Zhang Fumei, current president of the Taiwan Friendship Association, along with Mr. Cheng Yunhuo, the second president firstly stepped into the meeting hall, graciously entertained by Mr. Wang Zhengyou.
During the talking, Wang briefed Zhang Fumei, Cheng Yunhuo and their party on Huangshi energy, transportation, talents and human resources etc, indicating that it is possible for two parties to strengthen cooperation in mechanical manufacturing, materials processing, biotechnology, and other fields, and jointly establish Taiwan businessman industrial park zone.
Wang stated that Huangshi not only boasts plentiful mineral resources and abundant industrial foundation, but also features a large number of technical skilled industrial workers, which can be the basis of cooperation. On behalf of municipal committee and municipal government, he wholeheartedly invited all the guests to investigate and invest in Huangshi, hoping that this meeting and the forthcoming Huangshi Yangtze Delta Economic & Trade Talks could be a new starting point for strengthening cooperation. He added, “We are willing to collaborate with most Taiwan businessmen in industrial chain, chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-it industry and garment processing in a comprehensive manner, particularly strengthen the construction and cooperation of an industrial park zone.
Zhang Fumei said that the society has introduced investment in service industry and manufacturing industry for over 400 enterprises in mainland China, whereas currently about 600 enterprises show interested in investment . Currently, the Society is spreading its wings to Liaoning and Shandong. He added, “We are exceedingly willing to develop ourselves in Huangshi, a new hot spot for investment.” Zhang suggested that paramount significance be paid to the introduction of small & medium-sized enterprises, good ones in particular, and form industry clusters in small-to-old order.
Thereafter, Wang Zhengyou met with Harm Oltmann, Chairman of GIK and his party. Two parties talked over the intention to build an European park zone in the developing zone of Huangshi. Harm Oltmann related, “It is beneficial for the construction of park zone to have the supporting of government. We hope to enhance the collaboration with Huangshi in manufacturing and automobile parts, as well as agricultural processing development. Meanwhile, we are extremely interested in dock construction.
Wangzhengyou conveyed, “Hamburg, the most economic developed area in Germany, boasts developed electronics and manufacturing industry. We are very pleasant to strengthen our collaboration.” Wang also consulted with Harm Oltmann about the construction of a city partnership.
Subsequently, Wang met with Mr. Ye Huide, chairman of Shanghai and Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprises Association; Mr. Cai Qijian, Board director of Baocheng international Group; Mr. Liao Quanyu, investor of Shanghai Liangying Real Estate Investment Institution.
Municipal cadres, such as Mr. Wu Xinglong, Mr. Hu Dechun, Mr. Zhu Zhonghua, took part in the meeting.

8. On Jun 4th, 2006, Harm Oltmann Oltmann, chairman of GIK, led investigation group to inspect the constructing condition of the major programmes of Pingluo County Shahu paper industry, then, reaching the intent of investment with officials of Pingluo County.
Mr. Zhang Zuoli, secretary of Municipal Committee Standing Committee and Pingluo County Committee, introduced to the German investigation group the condition of programs of Shahu paper industry in detail.
The prophase 88,000 tons project of 200,000 tons of high quality corrugated paper is planned to be invested in 236.1372 million Yuan. The accomplishment of the project will contribute to more than 18,800 million Yuan in additional sales revenue and 8100 million Yuan in additional profits and taxes. The total investment volume of living paper and energy saving pollution project is estimated up to 129 million Yuan. The fulfillment of the project will bring about over 1.348 billion Yuan in sales revenue and 562 million Yuan in additional profits and taxes. The investment volume of 25 thousand Kw gangue-owned power project is estimated up to 95 million Yuan. The accomplishment of the project will give rise to 61 million Yuan in sales revenue and over 24.8 million in additional profits and taxes.
By virtue of investigation, German investigation reached the initial intent of investment with the relevant people of Pingluo County, and planed to implement it in a step-by-step fashion.